Why can’t it be like this in real life

Me: *points at sousuke* look at dat big ol' whale shark
Fandom: no please dont say this...he is evil...satan..please no u dont underknow...u are wrong this cant be..he yelled at haru...he yelled at the precious baby...unforgiveable...stop
Me: *still pointing* luv dat big ol' whale shark
#Sosuke is a bae #love4sosuke


Am I the only one who finds this gif

oddly comfortig,calming and hypnotizing?


and haru can confirm this


Run Frees Run!

What are they fleeing from?

From gay thoughts, but it’s useless. THE GAY IS STRONG IN THESE ONES

#and it's precious


So my mom is a doctor and she had a patient today that came in for an allergy test for mackerel that came back positive and he started crying and all i could think of was




please give me more sports animes to watch. besides free, haikyuu, and kuroko no basket (-:

Well, among the modern ones you can watch Diamond no Ace (Baseball anime), or Yowamushi Pedal (Cycling anime), yeah both of them are pretty gay. Then there’s also Inzauma Eleven which has aliens so it’s not as slice of life as the other ones. And of course the classics Prince of Tennis, which is still a little gay, Captain Tsubasa, Hungry Heart (both of them are soccer), Slam Dunk (Basketball but less gay than Kuroko) and Hajime no Ippo (boxing)

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